Hong Kong Government is currently facing a large financial deficit, imposing new tax and extending the tax base cannot be introduced without detriment to the traditional strength as established by the low tax rate and simple tax system for competition with Mainland and Asian countries. Paying greater effort for enforcing anti-avoidance of tax is probably the few measures available to government at present for minimizing the loss of revenue due to tax evasion. Hence, the chance of both corporation and individual taxpayer chosen by the Inland Revenue Department for field audit is greatly increased. In such circumstance, Apex Accountants will assist clients not only simply dealing with their tax issues but also suggesting tax saving plan whenever the situation is justified.

In order to cope with the growth of client's business, Apex Accountants will take initiative for proposing the best tax planning at the earliest occasion.

All tax services are supervised by experienced CPAs of Apex Accountants.




The tax services offered by Apex Accountants are particularly suitable for domestic small and medium enterprises, enterprises from Mainland and overseas they just set up subsidiaries or offices in Hong Kong and listed companies they are undergoing a downsize exercise, merger and acquisition, debt restructuring as well as share option scheme.




The professional tax services offered by Apex Accountants include computation, filing, objection and holdover of profit tax for limited and unlimited companies, correspondence with IRD, preparation of tax plans and the settlement on client's behalf for tax investigation and dispute.

Tax Computation and filing per job 180.00 up
Objection per job 180.00 up
Holdover per job 180.00 up
Correspondence with IRD per letter 180.00 up
Tax Planning per job 1,800.00 up
Handle Tax Investigation per job 3,800.00 up



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